Keith Haring - Art Is for Everybody



Keith Haring: Art for Everyone - An Educational Look at the Work of a New York Icon A beautifully illustrated volume with insights from cultural experts, Keith Haring: Art for Everybody explores the dynamic art of Keith Haring from 1978 to 1990. Known for his iconic imagery, Haring's art continues to inspire and spark conversation about complex issues such as environmentalism, capitalism, religion, and more.

This volume, named after a quote from Haring's journals, focuses on his activism, community-focused approach, and belief in the power of art to create positive change. Chronologically and thematically organized, this book showcases Haring's art, including his famous subway drawings and murals, collaborative works, and his continued impact on the art world. Born in 1958, Haring arrived in NYC in 1978 and became a prominent figure in the art scene. His legacy lives on, breaking down barriers and spreading joy, while his activism and unflinching.


- Hardback
- Pages: 256
- Size: 28.8 x 28.7 x 2.6cm
- 175 Illustrations

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Barcode: 9781636810935