Introducing Kpe Innocent’s first-ever, limited edition wood sculpture in collaboration with Flexx Lex

Kpe Innocent B. 1994 Ghanaian

Look at any of Kpe Innocent’s canvases and you’ll be hard-pushed not to feel a sense of warmth and calm – and that’s his intention. Inspired by the Bauhaus movement of the 1930s and contemporary artists such as  David Hockney  and  Geoff McFetridge , self-taught ultra-contemporary artist Kpe Innocent ties his unique form of minimal humanism, pop-culture celebration, and divine creation together on canvas.

Working primarily in acrylic, Kpe Innocent plays on the power of negative space, isolating his figures within architectural landscapes, depicting our natural state of individuality. A cosiness and familiarity come from the chill, melancholic nature of Kpe’s featureless character, while the glow of muted browns, reds and earthy oranges place a cossetting arm around your shoulders.

Front view - The Bigger Person is a Humble Person
Flexx Lex - Photo by Kev Foster
Box / Packaging - The Bigger Person is a Humble Person

Kpe Innocent’s work has become increasingly sought-after with a growing number of global collectors and numerous high-profile shows around the world, including Enter art Fair Copenhagen, The Hole NYC and Moosey London.

Now, for the first time,  Kpe Innocent’s , semi-autobiographical protagonist leaves the confines of the canvas in a new three-dimensional form. This  editioned sculpture  ‘The bigger person is a humble person’ (limited to 50 pieces) captures Kpe’s distinctive geometric style and earthy tones in an entirely wooden construction. A subtle gradient variation helps highlight the hairline, while wood graining on the face, arms and chest provides a new textured perspective.

KPE Innocent - Painting

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