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Serge Pizzorno - KASABIAN

Serge Pizzorno, born December 15, 1980, is a multi-talented English artist, known for his musical prowess as well as his skills as a singer, songwriter, record producer and front man of the band Kasabian.

If you had to pick a favourite Kasabian track what would it be?

Hell Of It (from the new album 'Happenings')


The New Album 'Happenings' will be released on 5th July

Photograph by Neil Bedford
Photograph by Neil Bedford
Photograph by Neil Bedford
Photograph by Neil Bedford

Favourite Brand


Favourite band or singer?

Ennio Morricone


Renowned Italian composer Ennio Morricone (1928–2020) was highly skilled in composing for a diverse range of styles. With over 400 scores for film and television, as well as 100 classical works, Morricone's prolific career solidifies his place as one of the greatest film composers in history.

Favourite movie?

Le Haine


Desert island disc?

Portishead 'Third'

Favourite TV show?

The Thick Of It

Favourite meal?

Tacos - 'La Taqueria' San Francisco

Favourite artist?

Andre Butzer

Information: Source from

Butzer, a Stuttgart-born artist who currently resides in Rangsdorf near Berlin, creates semi-abstract artworks that incorporate cartoon-like figures and objects. His fascination with the comic genre is apparent, as he explores its duality; a childlike exuberance that borders on excessive, paired with a fabricated sense of apathy that transcends morality.

Favourite country?


Favourite item of clothing/shoes?

Nike Vapour Fly 3

Check out KASABIAN's website for updates on their new album releasing July 5th.