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Bearbrick Collectable Toys

Be@rbrick is a hugely popular collectable toy designed and produced by the Japanese company Medicom Toy Inc. Medicom specialises in creating collectable pieces of art rather than conventional toys and their products are sold in limited quantities.

The name Be@rbrick reflects the cartoon-style representation of a bear and is a variation of Medicom’s Kubrick design.

The first figure was released in 2001 as a free gift to visitors of the World Character Convention 12 I Tokyo. Since then Be@rbricks have been released in several different sizes using a variety of materials, styles and has grown a huge fanbase.

The standard size is 7 centimetres (cms) high, and these figures are referred to as 100% Be@rbricks.

Other Be@rbricks are named for their size relative to the standard:

400% are 28cm high, and 1000% are 27.5" high.

We stock new Be@rs all year round, take a look at our coming soon section to pre-order any upcoming releases.