Biz Markie (Just A Friend)



Biz Markie puts a modern, Hip-Hop spin on the timeless story of lost love and betrayal, with a touch of classical flair, showcasing his one-of-a-kind style. Check out the latest 3.75” scale, articulated Biz Markie ReAction Figure inspired by the iconic music video “Just a Friend”. This figure features the “Clown Prince of Hip-Hop” wearing a powdered wig and classy suit, complete with a candelabra accessory. It comes packaged on a grand piano-shaped cardback, making it a must-have addition to any collection - whether you've experienced heartache or simply admire Biz's unique contributions to the Hip-Hop world!


- Material: Plastic & Paint
- Wave: 2
- Licence/ Collab Info: Biz Markie