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    Andy Warhol - Tate Introductions

    By Tate Publishing



    A must-have intro to one of the 20th century's most iconic artists, this pic from the game-changing Tate Introductions series is about Andy Warhol and his take on the big topics of his era: consumerism, celebs, mass production, disasters, death and more! He used trademark images - from Coke to Marilyn, Elvis and the electric chair, to crashes and riots - to capture it all.

    Plus, he was always eager to push boundaries, trying out all media - from painting and drawing to photography, filmmaking and more - so this reissued book is an essential read for anyone wanting to get to know Andy Warhol. Step Inside his life, his work and his world - written up by Stephanie Straine, curator of exhibitions and projects at Modern Art Oxford and previously at Tate Liverpool and the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh. She's an authority on modern and contemporary art who's had plenty of publishing success.


    - Size: 16.8 x 21 x 1.2 cm
    - Pages: 80
    - Softback