Palace - Product Descriptions, The Selected Archive




Presenting Palace Product Descriptions: The Selected Archive, the definitive printed edition of Palace Skateboards' legendary product spiels. Since their inception in 2013, Palace's peculiar narratives - which don't always correspond to the item - have gained a major cult following, with keen fans lapping up every word. Authored by Palace co-founder, Lev Tanju, this shield from the traditional copywriting rulebook is overflowing with hilarity, poignancy, social observations, and unabashed opinion. Instead of talking up the practical elements, Lev paints a picture of a jacket as TRENDSETTER. UH, NAH, DUDE, YA LOOK LIKE YA BOGGLED THRU TOPSHOP W/ YA EYES SHUT, GLUED IN PLACE! Collected here for the 1st time and printed as they appear online - a few lines in ALL CAPS, formatted in bullet points - the more than 3,000 pieces


- Format: Hardback
- Size: 240 × 165 mm (9 1/2 × 6 1/2 in)
- Pages: 320 pp
- Illustrations: 100 illustrations
By Phaidon
Barcode: 9781838665845