KAWS, the incredibly famous contemporary artist, takes us on a delightful illustrated journey through his methods, process, and sources for his beloved pop artworks. He incorporates well-known icons from popular culture to create a unique cast of characters that have captured the hearts of collectors, museum-goers, and the general public. This playful and quirky catalog, organized by the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, features over 60 works spanning the past two decades and includes insights from Julian Cox, AGO's Deputy Director and Chief Curator, and an interview with KAWS himself by Jim Shedden, AGO's Curator of Special Projects and Director of Publishing. Explore KAWS' creative process and the widespread influence of his artwork in the realms of fine art, pop culture, product design, and fashion. From his early days as a graffiti artist to his collaborations with renowned brands such as Supreme, Nike, and Comme des Garcons, KAWS continues to make an impact with his unique style. 


    • 26.7 x 26.9 x 2.1 cm
    •  Hardback, 156 pages, 150 Illustrations
Barcode: 9781636811093