Ed Templeton - 'Wires Crossed'



Ed Templeton's 'Wires Crossed' is both a memoir and a documentation of the DIY, punk-infused skateboarding scene in the 1990s and early 2000s. It showcases the explosive, authentic energy of Templeton's imagery over the past two decades.

Featuring a variety of visuals such as photographs, collages, text and maps, Wires Crossed provides an insider's glimpse into the emergence of a subculture and showcases the unique artistic influence stemming from Templeton's involvement in the skate world. As a former professional skateboarder and two-time World Skateboarding champion, Templeton's work as a photographer and artist within the skate community during its rise in cultural significance in the 1990s and beyond has earned him recognition. Notably, his contributions were part of the Beautiful Losers collective, which revolved loosely around Aaron Rose's Alleged Gallery in New York's Lower East Side.

This product provides a unique look into the personal and professional endeavours of ED TEMPLETON. Featuring never-before-seen works, we delve into Templeton's journey as an image maker alongside the lives of skateboarders on tour. Through interviews with Templeton and fellow peers, gain insight into the intense lifestyle and passion for the art of skating, both on and off the deck.


- Size: 8.6" x 11".
- Hardback
-  Pages: 264

In addition to an interview featuring Ed, this product also includes interviews with Brian Anderson, Erik Ellington, Justin Regan, Elissa Steamer, and Deanna Templeton.