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    1000 Record Covers

    By Taschen GmbH



    Record covers serve as a reflection of our society and culture. These images, which accompany the music on the discs, touch upon themes like love, life, death, fashion, and rebellion. To music enthusiasts, they represent a certain era, a specific period in their lives. Many of them are considered works of art and have gained widespread recognition, such as Andy Warhol's iconic covers, including the infamous banana designed for The Velvet Underground.

    This edition of Record Covers features a collection of the most exceptional rock album covers from the 1960s to the 1990s, curated by music archivist, disc jockey, journalist, and former record-publicity executive Michael Ochs from his vast personal collection. This book is not only a nostalgic journey through time, but also a study of the evolution of cover art, shedding light on an often overlooked art form. 


    - Author: Michael Ochs
    - Size: 20.3 x 14.6 x 4cm
    - Hardback
    -  Pages: 576, 760 Illustrations