Peanuts - 'Snoopy' book



"Peanuts" is no longer just America's favourite comic strip - now it's a major motion picture from Blue Sky Studios! Collect the first ten original comic strips released by Titan Comics with this facsimile edition of the fifth collection, originally published in 1958 by Clarke, Irwin & Company, Ltd of Toronto, Canada. Dive into 248 daily strips dating from 1955-1958, featuring everyone's beloved Beagle, Snoopy! When this pup's around, the fun factor goes up tenfold. Whether chasing snowflakes, doing impersonations, or just doing his world-famous Happy Jig, Snoopy brings the funny - and the bittersweet humour and child-like innocence are what's kept Peanuts a timeless classic. Don't miss it!


Size: 13.5 x 20 x 1 cm

Barcode: 9781782761594