Welcome to Flexx Lex here is a brief bit of information of where is all began and what we have become.

Flexx Lex began in 2018, as a passion project for owner and director, Lee.

He had spent a lifetime honing his love for contemporary art, mainly drawing inspiration from the immediacy and excitement of street art. From there he endeavoured to work from these elements, find a way to work with artists they admired from all artistic backgrounds, and introduce them into others’ homes.

Like a lot of good ideas, the Flexx Lex journey began over a beer, where he would meet at exhibition openings and from there ideas started flowing. 

Determined to move away from the often elitist nature of the art world and sought to create accessibility with shelf-sized artworks, toys, furniture and accessories.

Along the way, Flexx has worked with a roster of artists from around the world including Mr Doodle, Tide, KPE Innocent, Yutaka Hashimoto, and Takeru Amano (the list goes on). Artists who have shown in some of the world’s premier contemporary galleries and broken record sale prices can be found here at home-friendly costs and sizes.